SUDBURY -- Seniors inside Sudbury's Christ the King building downtown have had a long couple of days: their elevator has been down for more than a week.

The residents, who are all over age 55, have had to take the stairs for the past seven days. Some live on the 10th floor and have been forced to make the trek down the stairs daily for things like groceries.

Annette Larabie told CTV News many residents inside have debilitating health issues and a tough time even getting outside.

"I feel it's heartbreaking because I know a lot of people are hurting," Larabie said. "We can't do laundry, we can't be normal, so to speak, or have a normal life like we did before. It's bad enough that some of us have walkers."

CTV received a statement from the building's owner, Luxor Management, which spoke of major damage to the elevators.

"We are aware of the inconvenience and the challenges caused by this and we are doing our best to support our tenants," the statement said. "Schindler is working to resolve this issue and we remain in contact with them frequently, awaiting updates and timelines. Repairs are moving as quickly as possible in order to restore the elevators."

Larabie said residents had been promised one of the elevators would have been repaired by Friday.