SUDBURY -- We are about halfway through this year’s Remembrance Week and legions in the Sudbury area have been busy.

They are spending much of this week hosting Remembrance Day ceremonies throughout the community.

Pioneer Manor, a long-term care facility, is now home for 96-year-old World War II Veteran Wilbert Spencer.

WWII veteran Wilbert Spencer

He says at his age, he appreciates every opportunity he has to remember his fallen comrades.

"I didn’t think I was going to come back, but God gave me a chance and I'm still alive," said Spencer.

WWII Veteran John Dingwall also participated in the ceremony at Pioneer Manor.

WWII veteran John Dingwall

Like Spencer, while he appreciates these moments, he says looking back can be difficult.

"I get a little upset because I know them all. You get to know them all pretty good," said Dingwall

Surrounded by family and fellow residents, both men took part in an early Remembrance Day ceremony held at their long-term care home.

It’s all part of an effort from local legions to increase accessibility.

Dan Draper the administrator for the UN NATO Veterans Group of Sudbury.

"This week here, before Remembrance Day, we’re going around to the local schools and seniors homes and giving them a Remembrance Day service. A lot of them can’t get out, so we go to them," said Draper.

Draper was the master of ceremonies at Amberwood Suite’s ceremony.

Names of veterans with ties to the residents were read aloud, with some people, at times, getting emotional.

Dan Draper reads veterans names at ceremony

With mobility challenges, Spencer was thrilled the ceremony came to him.

He says he’s proud of what he has done.

"I find that at least I'm Canadian and I've done something for my country," said Spencer.