SUDBURY – A barbecue in Sault Ste. Marie took place on October 10 in support of a volunteer organization called 'Boots on the Ground'.

The Sault Ste. Marie District Labour Council, along with local corrections officers ran the barbecue.

They say 'Boots on the Ground' offers first responders and corrections staff a chance to call and receive free peer support over the phone when they need it.

"When we first start, we're conditioned to not talk about it. It's just the cost of doing business… or if you talk about, you're weak. Well, the person you talk to on the phone has none of that prejudice. They instantly know where you're coming from. They instantly accept who you are, and they help talk you through your crisis. They help get you to the next step," said Ken Steinbrunner, Corrections Officer.

The 'Boots on the Ground' organization is looking for 10 volunteers in the north who'd be willing to pick up the phone when someone calls looking for support.