It's a fun ride that seats about 30.

This week the Big Bike event is back in Sudbury helping to fund heart and stroke research. 

The big, shiny red set of wheels is hard to miss and perfect for companies and groups, including a team from the Greater Sudbury Police Service.

"Couldn't be a better day. A good day for fun, a good day for causes, a good day for community, we're happy to be here." said Sudbury Police Chief Paul Pedersen.

Cori-Lynn Lemaitre is the area coordinator for the Sudbury chapter of the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

"It energizes so many different organizations and it brings people together that may not necessarily participate in an event - because its very team oriented and because 1 in 3 people are affected by heart disease or stroke. And this year we are focusing our campaign on women's health." said Lemaitre.

Big Bike events are taking place in a number of northern communities this month. 

The goal in Sudbury is to raise over $100,000.