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Beer Fest marks a sure sign of spring

Beer lovers gathered in Schumacher over the weekend Beer lovers gathered in Schumacher over the weekend
Timmins -

Getting people out for a few hours to raise some cash for the annual “Rock on the River Festival,” Officials with the Timmins Festivals and Events committee say they wanted to add more entertainment this time around.

 “This year is new, we have comedians and we have music and it’s just a great place to come with your friends […] to have fun and talk and […] try different flavours.” said the committee’s Lise Groulx.

The beer festival also brings out brewers across the north to introduce people to the latest trends in craft beer.

 “Fruit beers are the ones that are coming out now, again, for the summertime. Maltier beers are a thing coming back, as well. As well as, you know, craft lagers and light- lightened up beers, right,” said Jonathan St. Pierre of Full Beard Brewing.

 “I would give the IPAs a try. I think a lot of people previously associated them with bitterness but that’s- the new IPAs are not bitter. They taste like they have fruit in them, even though they don’t,” said Graham Orser of 46 Brewing Corp.

ST-Pierre said he gets steady orders from out of town for those who like a cold one at camp or a get- together with friends.

“There’s a beer for somebody, right. If you’re a fruity beer person, you know, you like enjoying that. If you’re more a sit-down kind of, you know, stout or dark amber ale, you know, those are kind of the ones that people want to go for,” he said.

 “The crafters are very creative and I think that’s what people like. We’re very proud to showcase all their great ideas and everything they can offer,” said Lise Groulx

The festival and events committee said the weekend event will enable it to have some extra funds on tap for some top-tier entertainment at the rock festival, July 21 and 22. Top Stories

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