People who live in a rural area west of Sudbury are not happy with the city's plan to re-formulate fire and paramedic services; and they're ready to sue, if necessary.

The area in question is Beaver Lake, between Sudbury and Espanola. Residents there told CTV if they lost their fire station - as proposed by the new fire services plan - it would increase costs for taxes and insurance. They also feel safety would be an issue.

“Our closest station after the plan would be Whitefish, which is a volunteer station, and Lively after that,” said Dino Titon, a Beaver Lake resident.

“The sheer distance involved would put Beaver Lake residents at risk, just based on the amount of time it would take to get there to address any needs.”

“The residents of Beaver Lake are really concerned about safety if this implementation goes ahead as planned, so we’re willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure our property and our safety are guarded. It’s very important to us that we’re heard,” added Jules Lalonde, a Beaver Lake resident.

The proposed fire re-organization plan is being presented to the city of Greater Sudbury for a vote next week. It calls for the closing of a number of smaller fire stations, and to have those areas served by fires stations in the city.