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Beautiful fall colours on display across Algoma

While many are sad to see summer go, the changing of the seasons highlights the hidden gem that is the Algoma District and its vibrant autumn colours.

Falling leaves represent a change of seasons, as trees prepare for the more dormant stage of winter.

Scientists say the Sault is lucky to have such a range of colourful trees, but why are the fall colours so spectacular here?

"We get slightly warmer winters, slightly cooler summers, a bit more precipitation than say areas to the east or northwest of us,” said John Pedlar of the Great Lakes Forestry Centre.

“I think it's those slightly softer conditions that allow us to have the abundant growth of some of the broad-leafed trees like the maples and the oaks."

For those looking to hike or plan a fall photo shoot before the trees are bare, experts predict the bright fall colours will last another two to three weeks.

Warm weather is expected to stick around for the next week in the Sault, and those scientists say the extra sunlight will enhance the array of colours.

"One of the colours we all love to see is the bright reds, and that's associated with a pigment called anthocyanin,” said Pedlar.


“Much like you'd see an apple maturing in the summer, you get sugars that are residual in the leaves, and that interacts with the sun. That brings out those nice bright red colours."

It’s not just locals who enjoy the colourful display put on by Mother Nature. While many areas experience a slowdown in tourism during autumn, people flock to Algoma to experience the changing of the seasons.

"The hotels are full, and we see tour buses coming through,” said David MacLachlan of Destination Northern Ontario.

“Of course our premiere attraction is the Agawa Canyon Tour Train. We're probably one of the best areas of the country for people to come and see the colours." Top Stories


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