SUDBURY -- Springtime bear sightings in Sudbury, Ont. are not uncommon, but one man caught a black bear and her trio of cubs on video as they roamed around a residential neighbourhood recently.

Don MacEwan was able to capture the mama bear and her cubs as they crossed Grandview Boulevard in New Sudbury on April 20. The group is seen emerging from the side of a house and crossing the quiet street.

Residents in the neighbourhood often warn each other using social media.

On April 24, another resident posted a photo of their backyard taken during the day with a mama bear and three cubs saying the bears were spotted at the end of Inglewood Court near the stairway/walkway of the trail.

A video posted online on May 3 showed one adult bear walking in the front yard of a home on Roland Street before moving across the street into another yard.

Bear sightings can be reported on the City of Greater Sudbury website, where they also have a map of sightings reported.

The city says to call 911 if a bear poses an immediate threat to personal safety by doing any of the following:

  • Enters a schoolyard while school is in session
  • Enters or tries to enter a home
  • Wanders into a public gathering
  • Kills pets or livestock
  • Stalks people and lingers at the site

Some things you can do to reduce the chance of attracting a bear are:

  • Ensure garbage is stored in waste containers with tight-fitting lids
  • Put out garbage, recycling, and green carts only on the morning of your waste pickup day
  • Put away winter bird feeders, seed, and suet
  • Clean outdoor barbecue grills after each use, including the grease trap