There were some tense moments Tuesday night at a Rainbow District School Board gathering.

One of the board's trustees has been banned from attending meetings after accusations of sharing confidential information among other things, but he decided to make his way to the table anyway and he went with support.

Larry Killens has been banned from board meetings

The ordeal began with a protest near the Rainbow District School Board office where parents voiced their concerns, one being the treatment of trustee Larry Killens.

Chantelle Gorham organized the protest.

"We resorted to a protest because our voices aren't being heard." said Gorham.

Rainbow District School Board protesters

“Shame…shame…shame.” chanted the protestors during the meeting.

Those voices were heard loud and clear during the board meeting, but one voice seemed to be silenced several times.

When Killens attempted to speak to the board, his questions were ignored.

Doreen Dewar is the Chair of Rainbow District School Board.

"I do think that trustee Killens has a lot of support. Good for him. I do know that trustee Killens is extremely disappointed. I understand that the supporters are extremely disappointed. The decision has been made." said Dewar.

RDSB Chair Doreen Dewar

Killens gave CTV a letter he received that says he'll be sanctioned and barred from attendance at all meetings of the board effective immediately, until November 30 2018.

The board's code of conduct for members states it can impose a sanction barring the trustee from attending all or part of a meeting.

"They have banned me from the rest of the board meetings until the end of my trustee career. So, that's five months that the Manitoulin Island people don't have representation at the board table." said Killens.

The RDSB trustee says moving forward, he will continue to attend meetings despite being barred, keeping his commitment to parents and students.

Rainbow District School Board would not comment on the specific allegations against Killens due to confidentiality.