Update 2:

Robert Steven Wright's case was adjourned until Thursday, April 11.

CTV News will continue to follow the story.


Bail has been denied for Robert Steven Wright, who has been charged with first-degree murder.

He will remain in jail until his trial.

We can't tell you the reasons for the decision or about any evidence, because of a court-imposed publication ban, but we can tell you that Robert Steven Wright appeared shocked and distressed when bail was denied.

Some members of his family wept as he was led away by police officers.

He's scheduled for a brief court appearance on Thursday, March 28  to set a date to move the case forward.


The man accused of killing Renee Sweeney, Robert Steven Wright, is back in Sudbury court Wednesday.

He is expected to receive a decision on his request for bail March 27, after a three-day hearing wrapped up back in February.

Wright is facing a first-degree murder charge for the brutal stabbing death back in 1998.  He was arrested back in December in North Bay and  has been in police custody since then, pending a trial.

For history of the case, including coverage from 1998, check out the Sweeney Murder File page.

CTV Northern Ontario's Alana Everson is at the courthouse and will provide an update as soon as it becomes available.