SUDBURY -- Laurentian University is moving ahead with Phase 2 of its Covid-19 precautions as it prepares for the gradual return of students to campus.

The school is introducing a series of measures to ensure students, staff and faculty members have the tools at their disposal to maximize safety.

"It's the things we need to do over the next month to really get the university ready to receive those undergraduate students that need to come back to campus or that wish to come back to campus and that it is a minority of students," said Robert Haché the President of Laurentian University.

"Most of our educational delivery will still be done remotely."

Wearing masks will be mandatory on campus.

CTV spoke with the president of the Student General Association to get a sense of how students are feeling.

One-third occupancy

"I think students really want to come back to campus and so it's just figuring out how to do it safely," said Eric Chappell. "And I think with moving to Phase 2, we are starting to get a strategy on how people can come back to campus and get that experience that they pay for and really want."

Residences will re-open with about one-third of normal occupancy. A total of 500 student will live on campus for the fall semester, with takeout food options available instead of the traditional buffet style.

The indoor recreation centre will remain closed.

"That for us is not something that we think we should be doing early in Phase 2," said Haché. "And certainly varsity athletics have been (cancelled) across the province for the fall term."

The University will deliver 99 per cent of its classes remotely.

"The online learning is really different, so there is always going to be a degree of fear that comes with change," said Chappell. "But overall, I think people are optimistic about it."

Haché said Laurentian has worked closely with Public Health Sudbury & Districts and the provincial government to follow and develop COVID-19 precautionary measures and will continue to follow their lead.