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Arena upgrade slated for Batchewana First Nation


A major arena upgrade is coming to Batchewana First Nation.

The federal government has announced nearly $3 million for the modernization of the Rankin Arena.

The half-century old rink will be significantly more energy efficient with the new upgrades.

Energy consumption will be reduced by an estimated 14.5 per cent, with a reduction of 39.9 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

The arena's envelope, roof and doors will all be renovated.

Batchewana Chief Dean Sayers said the funding will also allow the building to be "safer and more functional."

The funding was announced by Sault MP Terry Sheehan, on behalf of the Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Infrastructure and Communities.

“When the federal government supports infrastructure, it allows that community to use that money elsewhere as the chief and council sees fit,” Sheehan said.

“It’ll be up to them to have their discussions. And I know they have a lot of good programming that could use a little bit of extra funding”

Sayers said the operational savings that the energy efficiencies will bring are important.

“Arenas don’t make money,” he said.

“It’s very competitive and it’s really cost prohibitive to be in the business. But we need the facility for our people."

The Rankin Arena is the largest facility on the First Nation, and serves more purposes than hockey.

"We have ice rentals, but we also have community event rentals, family gatherings, weddings, we have community meetings.”

The lowered costs will be able to extend its operating hours going forward.

Construction is slated to begin in spring 2024. Top Stories

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