SUDBURY -- There was a pop-up rally in New Sudbury on Thursday morning in support of 2,400 striking Vale workers.

Several motorists honked in support as family and friends of the strikers rallied at the intersection of the Kingsway and Barrydowne Road.

Some carried posters saying "We stand by you as you fight for them." A big issue in the dispute is benefits for new hires after retirement.

"Our grandfathers, our fathers, our uncles have fought for what the workers have today and we want to continue that fight and support the workers in that fight," said Tammy Lanktree, the Family Support Rally organizer.

Locals MPPs also joined the rally to show their support.

"There is tonnes of family support -- I mean there are tens of thousands retirees of what was Inco, now Vale, who depend on those benefits," said New Democrat MPP France Gelinas, who represents Nickel Belt.

"And they speak to their sons and daughters they speak to their grandson and granddaughters and tell them how important it is."

Sudbury New Democrat MPP Jamie West was also at the rally to show support.