In the Sudbury area, nine ATV riders had to be rescued by police this past weekend and officers had to call in a unique piece of equipment to help with the rescue.

Devin Pellerin is a certified Sherp mechanic.

The machine has the capability to go almost anywhere.

Saturday night, police received a call about nine people stuck in the bush on quads north of Capreol.

Kaitlyn Dunn is the corporate communications coordinator for Greater Sudbury Police Service.

“We received the call around 8. They had been there for a number of hours. Two of the individuals had underlying medical issues and they were in medical distress." said Dunn.

Police say the group was stranded overnight.

“Snow machines were brought in by the police, as well as the Argo from paramedic services. The Argo was unable to navigate the terrain, and when officers tried to reach the individuals, they got stuck and had to walk the rest of the way on foot.” said Dunn.

Police then called in the right machine for the terrain early Sunday morning.

Coniston Industrial Park, owned by the Lopes family, supplied a Sherp.

It sells and rents the amphibious machines that are designed to reach rugged remote areas, as well as turn on a dime.

"The Sherp is obviously equipped to make it through very treacherous terrain, including ice, deep water, mud, and snow, and it did so with ease." said Dunn.

It was a rugged rescue and at one point, the driver of the Sherp tells us it broke through the ice on a small lake, forcing the group to cross a beaver dam.

Fortunately, everyone made it out safely.