SUDBURY -- Two picnic tables and two umbrella bases were stolen from the Stack Brewhouse property on Falconbridge road Monday night.

Shawn Mailloux, owner of Stack Brewing, said this is one of the last things he wanted to see after recently reopening.

“You just drive in early in the morning and you kind of do a double take and two of your patio picnic tables have been stolen right when you’re ready to generate some money and hire people,” said Mailloux.

Two hours after he posted about the theft on Facebook, he said multiple people came forward offering financial support and some also replaced the stolen picnic tables.

“It’s awesome -- it puts wind back in our sails," Mailloux said. "The employees appreciate it. It’s funny how just a little gesture like that from people makes a lot for a people who work at a business.”

It has been a trying time in the past few months with the pandemic, he said, and having this incident happen on top of everything is very disheartening.

“We are just trying to hire a couple of staff back and give them the chance to make more money and more revenue for themselves and get off the government assistance," Mailloux said. "So those two tables is someone’s job to serve. So people need to realize when you do something like that, it’s a ripple effect and it affects many other people as well.”

Mailloux said he wants to remind everyone many local businesses are hurting right now and people should think of that before stealing from someone already in distress.