SUDBURY -- A retail store in Sudbury is closing after 35 years in business.

Bottega Mia has outfitted thousands of women for special occasions, from weddings to proms and other occasions. The family said it's time to retire and are looking back fondly on their years in business.

"I just want to thank everybody for their patronage and I am going to miss everyone, but it's time for me to retire," said 82-year-old Sonia Toppazzini, co-owner of Bottega Mia.

The store is currently holding a retirement sale with 80 per off some items.

"We decided two years ago, actually, to formally close the store, but my mother insisted that we keep going," said co-owner Rita Schutt. "So last year I made the final decision and it was before COVID."

The store specializes in high-end ladies attire and sportswear. They also carry costume jewelry hand-picked from New York.

Was a dream job

"I have had the dream job of my life," said Schutt. "I love to buy, I love to go into a showroom and I was able to do that for 35 years."

The mother and daughter and said they have made many friendships with loyal staff and customers, and have many great memories of helping women choose outfits for special occasions.

"It was rewarding to see all people come in and be happy about their outfits," Toppazzini said. "Especially the graduation girls, they come in almost looking like the boys and then they put on these clothes and they look like a princess. I am going to miss that."

The business owners recognize COVID has drastically changed the retail landscape for many businesses.

"With the shutdowns, it has impacted too many small businesses and it's very sad for anyone who is starting a small business or has a small business, so I really encourage people, if they can, to shop local. It really helps the economy," said Schutt.

Bottega Mia will officially close April 15. The family plans to donate any merchandise that is not sold to the Petsave Thrift Shop.