SUDBURY -- A 33-year-old man is facing charges and a four-year-old child has been placed with a guardian after Greater Sudbury Police responded to a call about a suspicious vehicle Dec. 23.

"Information provided was that the driver and passenger appeared to be unconscious and that there was a child in the back seat," police said in a news release Thursday.

"Officers and paramedics arrived on scene. The driver, passenger and child were cleared medically by paramedics; however the driver showed visible signs of impairment."

The driver failed a sobriety test and was arrested for impaired driving. He was searched and police found a large amount of fentanyl with a street value of more than $24,000.

The man was evaluated by a drug recognition expert at police headquarters, who concluded he was impaired by drugs.

He was charged with drug possession and driving while impaired by drugs. He was released on an undertaking with a Court date of Feb. 15.

The vehicle has been impounded for seven days and the man was issued a 90-day driver’s licence suspension.

"The four-year-old child has been safely placed with a guardian," police said. "We would like to thank the community member who called in and all of the community members who are dedicated to community safety and removing impaired drivers from our roadways."