SUDBURY -- An orphaned bear cub found in Timmins last year has been released back into the wild after spending more than a year in a rehabilitation centre.

Timmins police said officers responded to a distressed animal call on Dwyer Street in Schumacher May 1, 2019, and found a bear cub that weighed around five pounds.

Abandoned bear cub calls for its mama in Timmins

"The homeowner said it had been in her carport for the entire day with no sign of the female around. It was calling all day," Jolanta Kowalski, of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF), told CTV News in an email.

Dwight the bear was found on Dwyer Street in Timmi

Police said due to a communication error, the street where the animal was found was mistaken for the cub's name and it has been known as Dwight ever since.

The MNRF brought the cub to Bear With Us, a rehabilitation facility near Parry Sound, where he grew to around 150 pounds by the time of his release this week.

Dwight was not anxious to wander off into the bush

On Tuesday, Dwight was released around the Matachewan area, near the Kirkland Lake – Timmins border.

"(He) looked more like an adult than a yearling," said Marc Depatie, corporate communications coordinator for Timmins Police Service, in an email. "He didn’t venture too far into the bush initially and had to be constantly pushed along so that he would acquire his new home."

Dwight the bear looks back as he enters the bush