SUDBURY -- On June 24, 100 people will come together to try to raise $10,000.

“We started this in 2013 and wanted to raise $10,000 in an hour and we did it,” said Anna Maria Barsanti, organizer of the 100 Strong campaign.

After a brief hiatus, the event is back.

“We did it for three years and three charities got $10,000,” she said.

While on Facebook, Barsanti said the memories section of the social media app triggered a reminder of the successful event.

“Some of the participants said we should do this again,” she said.

Each participant is going to pay $100 to be part of the virtual event.

Those who join will only get one vote. And participants also get to nominate the charity they believe should be awarded the money.

“The people who nominated the charities are randomly selected and get five minutes to convince others in the group to vote for their charity,” said Barsanti.

As of Friday, there were 65 participants. Barsanti said the group is so close to its goal of 100.