For people searching for work, the YMCA in Sudbury is hosting a creative event later this month that looks to connect job-seekers with potential employers in person.

The “Y” is holding its first ever job crawl event where participants have the opportunity to learn about various businesses and their key to success

"Typically in the job search process, applicants are directed to an online process, so that's removing that human connection and that face to face component,  which we feel is incredibly important to the job search process”, said the YMCA’s Sherri-Lynn Mayer

Mayer says the process is easy.

“From here they will receive a map, and a passport. The passport will be stamped by each participating business so they'll have the opportunity to walk within the downtown core, and each business has assigned a staff member to give a tour of their establishment”.

And, there are those in Sudbury eager to work

"When you look around Sudbury you see a lot of buildings, obviously a lot of businesses, so you'd expect a lot of jobs, but when you look around you only see grey buildings and no actual job postings”, said participant Keegan Beauchamp.

The job crawl will be taking place on Thursday August 23rd from nine in the morning till five. Participants can start their crawl at any time throughout the day, during event hours.