It's not your typical bump in the road.

Maley Drive in Sudbury has been a treacherous ride for residents and business owners for quite a while.

“It's been horrendous for the past few years,” said Suzanne Gaudreault, a local business owner.

“We’ve actually had to take a longer road to work for anyone who works at this end because its become non-drivable.”

"It's extremely frustrating. You go over all the bumps, it's just brutal. You get something damaged and you just have to fix it when it's not your fault. It’s just bad,” said Denzel Gooden, a local business owner.

It’s become the norm to see cars swerving into the opposing lane just to avoid the cluster of nuisance potholes.

Now, the city has patched up sections of the road.

But according to business owners, the solution is only temporary.

“You just see the truck, they come in, they pour the pavement in it, they patch it up, and maybe 3 weeks later the hole is back again,” explained Gaudreault.

“People are actually dodging the holes so much so that one of these days somebody is going to go in a ditch because you're into the gravel right off the road.”

The city said the road is on the list for regular maintenance, and staff does respond if someone calls complaining about a pothole. The city added it is continuing its efforts on the Maley Drive extension, in hopes of alleviating commuter headaches sooner, rather than later.