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9-year-old Sault Ste. Marie girl publishes book on starting a business


Hannah Buconjic is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and published author that lives in northern Ontario and is not even 10 years old yet.

At the age of nine and with some help from her father, she published a book for young entrepreneurs called '25 Money-Making Business Ideas for Kids and Teens.'

Hannah Buconjic, 9, and her dad, Nevin wrote a book called '25 Money-Making Business Ideas for Kids and Teens.' June 11/23 (Mike McDonald/CTV Northern Ontario)

"We give 25 great business ideas that kids and teens can start," Buconjic said.

"And we also have top 10 tips that will help you with your business."

Hannah -- who's no stranger to the high-pressure world of business and commerce -- maintains a website, as well as a YouTube channel, which documents her journey as an author.

She opened a lemonade stand several years ago, but she's quick to point out that "Hannah's Summer Treats" is more than just lemonade.

"It's a treat stand," she said.

"We sell lemonade, water, popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, even little ice cream cups."

Hannah's father, Nevin, who is also an author and entrepreneur, said there's great value in children learning about business at an early age, as it teaches problem-solving, money management and how to create your own opportunities.

The book has been out for about a week and with the school year just about finished, Hannah is focussing on further promoting her book.

Hannah Buconjic, 9, maintains a website and YouTube channel. June 11/23 (Mike McDonald/CTV Northern Ontario) Top Stories

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